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Competition is the act of competing for the same profit or a prize between two or more individuals through the utilization of talents, abilities, and dedication. Competition can be a positive source of motivation to finally achieve hidden dreams, goals, and aspirations to be shared contributively to the world. However, competition can also be an agitated desire to obtain superiority. Thus, it can bring out the best of people, yet it can also bring out the worst in people. Competition should be perceived as an opportunity to gain internal and/or external growth and development. It shouldn’t always depend on incorporating personal factors into play, such as gender, age, and race. It shouldn’t always stimulate a sense of hatred between competitors. It shouldn’t always belittle the capabilities and efforts of others. Out of respect for the varying sectors in which different individuals feel spiritually fulfilled in pursuing, competition should not only reinvigorate the aptitude and stamina of competitors, but be a shining example of an element in society that possesses the ability to pass on some of the most precious gifts in human history.

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Believe In Yourself, Don’t Give Up

Believe In Yourself, Dont Give Up

Believe In Yourself, Don't Give Up

Believe in Yourself, Don’t Give Up

‘Cause Giving Up, Is Giving Up On God

Giving Up On God, Is Giving Up On an Opportunity

Giving Up On an Opportunity, Is Giving Up On Life

Giving Up On Life, Is Giving Up On . . .

Who You Were Made to Become

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Mr. Fedak’s Second Hospital Visit

Mr. Fedaks Second Hospital Visit

Mr. Fedak's Second Hospital Visit

During the morning announcements of Tuesday, October 21st, 2008, heartbreaking news was delivered throughout the classrooms of All Saints Catholic Secondary School.

Today, the All Saints community was informed that our principal, Mr. Fedak, will be undergoing a second full knee replacement surgery on Thursday, October 23rd. He will be absent from his duties as principal for an indefinite length of time, with current Vice-Principal Mr. Larkin filling in the position during his absence.

Without question, Mr. Fedak’s place in the school community will be dearly missed. Mr. Fedak is a well collected, dedicated, and loyal man, who puts his best efforts in ensuring the academic and spiritual fulfillment of all the staff and students. Not having him as principal will hopefully still keep us dedicated to the moralistic values learned from the evolutionary process of growth and development with the new sense of independence as a community.

May our prayers be heard to help Mr. Fedak and his family through this time of their lives.

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