By Christopher Torrenueva

New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

As of now, I am a strong believer in the setting of goals, whether it is for a day, month, or year. Forming positive, attainable, and realistic goals for yourself not only benefits you, but your relationships with family, friends, and the general public as well. Therefore, I have decided to come up with five personal goals for the new year, which will hopefully transcend my limits of expectations for change.

1. Work towards achieving my personal dreams, ambitions, and goals.
2. Don’t perceive obstacles and opportunities too seriously.
3. Unclutter my thoughts and opinions about the world.
4. Stop categorizing myself and just live my life to the fullest.
5. Here’s the big one . . . Sleep on time, get enough sleep, and basically, sleep well!

Do you have one or more new year’s resolutions? If so, it would be great if you shared them, allowing others like myself to possibly consider them as one of their own as well. This would definitely help to make others become more well-rounded, productive, and revolutionary members of society.

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