By Christopher Torrenueva

Three Perspectives: The World in a Minority’s Eyes

The World in a Minoritys Eyes

Three Perspectives: The World in a Minority's Eyes

In the Western world, with its diversifications and superabundance most likely giving this corner of the earth the status of being its own planet, people of a visible ethnic minority typically concern themselves with the following questions constantly: Am I presenting myself in a way that provides me with personal satisfaction, considering my praiseworthy, individual aptitudes and the derogatory, cultural stereotypes of society? Am I a good representative of my racial and ethnic background? Am I fitting in with the North American culture while maintaining a sense of the problems that my homeland’s population are facing, due to the corruptive conditions given from commanding movements? Thus, visible ethnic minorities living in the considerable, comfortable surroundings of Canada or the United States of America, concern themselves not only with the characteristics that make them human, but with the signs of ignorance that make them belittled, degraded, and ultimately, dehumanized subordinates of the human race.

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