By Christopher Torrenueva




It was a normal, early autumn’s day, with the cold breeze blowing against my face, penetrating deeply into my skin. A chilling sensation followed, causing an abrupt shiver throughout my body. My eyes began to tear as they constantly became swept with the coldness of the season’s atmosphere. Bright-coloured leaves waved briskly yet steadily into the wind, after detaching from their original branches. Birds of varying kinds gathered in flocks as they journeyed through the cumulous clouds to head down south for warmth and tenderness. The sun shined ever so brightly through the clearing skies on its surrounding neighbours of nature that the cold winds momentarily succumbed to an almost more heartfelt and passionate form of ambiance. Somehow, for a moment, unbridled enthusiasm and happiness radiated straight through the overwhelming feelings of adolescent fears imbedded deep inside my heart. Yet somehow, that sentiment swiftly descended into disappearance, losing all of its lasting influence. Ambiguous and thus certainty forever lies nowhere but on the outside.

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