By Christopher Torrenueva


Note to ALL Readers: Located below are my original compositions which manifest significant moments of my life. They are meant for enlightening purposes only and may NOT be redistributed in any other publication(s) in any shape, fashion, or form. Please contact me by e-mailing me at if you are interested in incorporating one or more of my work in ANY other publication. Thank you.

My most genuine intention and motivation in life is to come from a sense of dignity and to reach the human spirit that unites us all.

The brightest moments come from the darkest of times.

In life, you can choose to be broken or broken open.

If there is a negative force lying underneath one’s soul, there is a chance of positive energy rising out of one’s spirit.

I believe that there is only one true God and one true Religion. The reason why different people on this Earth believe in different gods and follow different faiths is because as the Rig Veda once said, “God is one but men call him by many names.” We are all branches and leaves of a single tree, lakes and rivers of a single ocean, and rays of light of a single star.

Spirituality is living with an open heart and mind; it is being open to the possibilities of the respect, dignity, and grace of the human spirit.

Importance is defined by the 5 influential Is: Intelligence, Imagination, Integrity, Intuition, and Insight.

If I could describe myself in three words, I would say that I am respectful, compassionate, and insightful.

We are here not only to be alive, but to be awake and fully present in the moment.

Whatever you do, always come from a place of peace, integrity, and hope while carrying yourself with a sense of dignity and grace.

Knowledge is power. Wisdom is peace.

Be moderate. Be humble. Be graceful.

When one thing suffers, another thing succeeds.

Success develops the ego. Survival blossoms into empathy.

Writing for me is an art, a catharsis, and an outlet to express myself the best I can to be all I can be.

I am thirsty for acceptance, hungry for appreciation, and craving for authenticity.

I have felt defective, flawed, and dysfunctional, which have made me feel unhappy, unsuccessful, and unfulfilled.

Every failure, disappointment, and loss is a trial of one’s faith in the love, goodness, and light of God.

Personally, I have felt empty, lonely, and alone. I have felt that my place in the world was in the background, the sidelines, and in the periphery.

The last, least, and lost of society hold a special place in my heart.

Whenever I feel rejected, sometimes I have to tell myself that it is not because I am cursed, marked, or that it is my fault.

Living a life where you’re not always trying to please other people means that you have a good sense of self-worth.

Though you can never fully express your life story with someone else, you can always share a piece of light with those around you.

Life is neither pure black nor pure white; it is really nothing less and nothing more than just shades of grey.

The goal is not how you can be perfect, but how you can become whole.

Reach for your dreams. Reach your fullest potential.

I am always searching for a life with a message and meaning. I am seeking the fullest expression of my most authentic self as a human being on Earth.

My mission in life is to defend the defenceless, help the helpless, and to give a voice to the voiceless.

When the cards are stacked against you, take charge and be the dealer who deals out the cards rather than the gambler who takes a chance.

You are more than a statistic, more than a stereotype, and more than a stigma. Behind every individual is a story of recovery, resilience, and redemption.

I hope to open hearts and minds, and if I am not able to open a door completely, I would love to open a door even a little bit in order to let some light to shine in.

I think my God-given gift is to help people not only see, but also make the most of the best in themselves.

Biographies are about listening to other people’s life experiences and looking within yourself to see how you can better your own life.

Realism is seeing the world as it is, whereas idealism is seeing the world as it should be.

Being idealistic is not being unrealistic. It is about seeing, believing, and trusting that people will make the world a better place.

What truly matters is not having an extravagant, grandiose, or over-the-top lifestyle, but living a life with good will, good intentions, and a good heart.

Having passion, power, patience, and persistence is the key to opening doors to opportunities and making new ground for lifelong journeys.

A good sense of honesty, humility, and humour helps to make yourself and others around you humane and happy.

Confidence comes not from believing that you can never make a mistake, but from knowing that you can, in fact, make a mistake and still doing the best that you possibly can.

When it comes to school work, I have never been much of a memorizer or bearer of information and facts. Rather, I have always been a thinker and an open door of insight and expression.

I am often mistaken as a perfectionist, but the truth is that I am not. I am open to the fact that I can make mistakes. However, I am always willing to learn from my mistakes because that is where experience and wisdom come from. In reality, I am driven to grow, improve, and become as whole—not perfect—as I could possibly be. Life is short and is a once in a lifetime gift and I don’t see why you shouldn’t strive to be a better human being every day.

Never say that something is perfect in the beginning because you will just end up getting disappointed in the end.

Some people might think that I like to argue, but the truth is that I do not. However, when someone has the audacity to belittle my self-worth, I get a rush of adrenaline that forces me to stand up for myself. I have way too much dignity to allow myself to be a victim and you have to have a good sense of dignity if you believe that God put you here for a purpose and reason.

I hated, hated, hated the social hierarchy, politics, and bureaucracy of high school, but it has made me the strong-willed individual that I am today. Thus, I have turned from being a victim to a fighter, an outcast to a survivor, and a follower to a leader.

High school was quite possibly the most ego-battering, humiliating, and defeating time in my life. However, it was the chapter in which I discovered who and what I was as well as who and what I was not.

It saddens me to know that a social shortcoming could outweigh an individual’s personality, character, and philosophy.

It REALLY, REALLY bothers me when people compare you to other people, lump you into the same category, and fail to recognize your own individual self. Sure, one person might remind you of someone else, but no two people are exactly alike and every person was made by God with their own unique expression of the common good.

When I am in a large group setting, I sometimes feel vulnerable, targeted, and even alienated because of multiple social stigmas associated with my status in society. Despite this, I am able to look deep within myself to allow God’s grace to shine brighter than the impossible.

For the longest time I have felt that I had to work myself to the ground in order to gain approval from society and to prove myself to the world.

I have felt that in order to compensate for my abnormalities, I had to achieve the unachievable, conquer the unconquerable, and shine brighter than the brightest. I learned the hard way but fortunately, early in my life, that life for anyone—no matter who or what you are—is not about desperately finding any way to fill an empty or leaking cup.

While it is unfortunate that the legacy of social inequality has made its way throughout history, at the core of it all, we are ALL equal human beings with the same dignity worthy of respect. The power is in our hands to stop fuelling such hatred, fear, and darkness, and to start reflecting the love, goodness, and light of humanity.

Stereotypes are based not only on information, but on ignorance as well.

A social stigma does not equate to stupidity and inferiority.

The obsession with perfection stems from a personal sense of inadequacy.

Jealousy is a sign that you are not happy with your own life.

Bigger and brighter is not always better.

Debating tests the validity and credibility of one’s own opinions, beliefs, and values.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Intelligence is in the minds, hearts, and spirits of all.

In life, I could either sink in aimlessness or swim in ambition.

Every obstacle is an opportunity to improve one’s self and surroundings.

Tragedies are the greatest teachers as they are wake-up calls for the world.

Never lose courage in overcoming the obstacles that will guide you to accomplish your dreams, desires, and prayers.

Be confident. If you don’t have confidence, pretend you’re confident. Eventually, the pretend part disappears.

Practice makes perseverance, not perfection.

Never say never but don’t always say always.

Serendipity occurs when the best things happen when you least expect them.

In the Western world, too many people are trying to live their lives like celebrities that they lose sight of the life that’s actually there.

We are not defined by what we are growing up, but by who we grow to become.

There’s a place for everyone in this world, you just have to prove it!

Sometimes the politics comes before the performance and bias gets in the way of the best.

The struggles of a minority could eventually become the values of the majority.

Goodbye is when you have grown as much as you can grow.

Death is when you have become all that God has made you to be.

I admire inspirational figures who are motivated to change what is morally wrong. They inspire numerous individuals like myself to follow in their footsteps, talk the talk, walk the walk, and make life truly worth living for.

If I only had three wishes, it would be for spiritual fulfilment, personal satisfaction, and the knowledge and wisdom gained from the inspiration and motivation of life’s extraordinary gifts.

Even when some kind words and good deeds seem to go unnoticed or ignored, there will always be individuals who will be positively affected by them and pass on that kindness to others. Therefore, always try to do good for other people.

Having the desire to give and give and give to the community is respectable and praiseworthy, but stretching yourself too thin will lead to disillusionment and quite possibly a meltdown. Therefore, always share your positives, abilities, and strengths, but in proportions in which you can manage. Quality usually overpowers quantity and the best comes out when one is at their best.

Though there are setbacks to surmount, barriers to break, and obstacles to overcome, every challenge can serve as a catalyst for change.

My greatest role models are those who were able to overcome adversity and become a benefactor to others. I hope to leave my mark on the world in a way that would uplift all people to see the beacon of light within the strength of every human spirit.

When you feel that the whole world is weighing you down, surround yourself with a bright light and shine.

Every small step of change contributes to one huge step for humankind.

Life is temporary. Lessons are permanent and will last forever.

Imagine how the world would be like if every human being were to live their life to evolve in consciousness, see the best in themselves, and, therefore, see the best in others for the betterment of all.

On the surface, life seems to be a never-ending cycle of failures and successes, tragedies and triumphs, and defeats and victories, but there is an underlying thread of consciousness within every human experience that heads toward an arc of hope.

Each and every one of us is a seed of growth, a voice of change, and a locket of potential. We are all students of experience, teachers of wisdom, and leaders of a peaceful, brighter world.

The ten greatest lessons for the most enlightening, enriching, and fulfilling life on Earth are:

1. Follow your bliss.
2. Grow your talents, abilities, and gifts.
3. Listen to your heart and your instincts.
4. Honour your truth.
5. Live your passion.
6. Pursue your calling.
7. Take control of your destiny.
8. Become your most authentic self.
9. Evolve in consciousness.
10. Change, improve, and better your life and the lives of others.

Ever since I could remember, my deepest prayer has been for God to use me for something greater than myself.



    there HAPPY…!? i looked aaand i commented… (:

    Comment by MIKAAAAAAAAA! | January 12, 2009

  2. This is pretty tank mr. christopher.
    May i ask how you seem to have this much time on you hands, like really?
    but very impressive, you my friend will go places in your life<3:)

    Comment by Abs;) | January 29, 2009

  3. You should update sometime soon! You seemed to have a lot of thoughts during the course of our relationship :). You should include some of your thoughts on the latest in the media. Have you been keeping up with Idol? Ttys

    Comment by Shannon Karas | May 5, 2010

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